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House and Neighborhood Sites

Looking for a little inspiration? Feeling like Murphy's Law only applies to you? Check out the other Cliff May owners and track their progress.

  • Harvey Park Modern
    This is a great site for the Harvey Park neighborhood in Denver, CO. Harvey Park has a number of Cliff May homes as well as some other MCM homes.

  • la Casa de Larga Jornada
    "The House of the Long Journey" - A 1974 Cliff May designed custom home in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

  • Rancho Rehab
    Restoration of a Cliff May prefab in the Long Beach "Ranchos" neighborhood.

  • our love of cliff may
    Details the nitty (and very frequently gritty) remodel of a prefab in Prarie Village, KS.

  • Red Bud Cliff May
    Site for a unique, 1940s X-shape custom Cliff May home in Red Bluff, CA.

  • Cliff May Restovation
    "Restovation" of a Cliff May prefab in Tustin, CA.


 Magazine Cover Home
This brochure was found when remodeling the kitchen of a Cliff May house in Prarie Village, KS. Thank you so much to Deanna for allowing us to host it.

 Long Beach Ranchos
This brochure is unique in that it was done by the developer and not Cliff May. This is for the Ranchos neighborhood in Long Beach, CA.


Special thanks to Jerry Lerma who uncovered these vintage Cliff May advertisements in the CSU Pomona archives.


Below are several Cliff May prefab ranch floorplans from 1955. The model number corresponds as follows: 1st digit - number of bedrooms, 2nd digit - number of bathrooms.

Model 2111 Model 2113 Model 2115 Model 3112
Model 3211 Model 3212 Model 3215 Model 4212

We would also like to thank Kate and Jerry from Pomona for providing copies of these floorplans.


 Western Ranch Houses by Cliff May
This is the definitive 1958 book on Cliff May houses written by Cliff May. Great photos. Great houses. Buy this one first.

 Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House by Daniel P. Gregory
This book arrives March 18th, 2008. Daniel P. Gregory is an editor at Sunset Magazine. This promising book is the first modern work devoted exclusively to Cliff May.

Atomic Ranch by Michelle Gringeri-Brown
Brought to you by the editors of Atomic Ranch magazine this book is a great resource for decorating and remodeling examples.